First Time Buyer

'Uplifing saved the client from losing €120,000.00 Euro'

A first-time helicopter buyer contacted us to advise that they had found ‘an absolute bargain’ on the Internet. The helicopter involved was a Eurocopter EC130B4 manufactured in 2008 s/n 4276 registered G-ECBO.

The buyer was presented with the helicopter specification sheet, detailed photo and registration marks. Naturally the seller had stolen the identity of the real owners and utilized their legitimate addresses providing only a mobile telephone number! The buyer was also given a purchase agreement in which they requested a down payment of 10% from the discounted sales price prior to the pre-purchase inspection and flight test. The instruction stated that the “refundable” deposit had to be paid into a UK sterling account with a major UK high street bank.

Uplifting Aviation Protection

We knew the seller was not the owner for sure because in this instance we immediately contacted the manufacturer as well as the Civil Aviation Authority. We used our network to gain further intelligence about the legitimate owner because there was no way to contact him directly.
A large number of private owners don’t disclose their contact details to the UK Civil Aviation Authority. They put the ownership of the helicopter through a Special Purpose Vehicle such as a limited company. This makes it very challenging to access them.  
A number of privately owned helicopters are targeted by fraudsters for these very same reasons.

We were absolutely able to identify the real owner of the helicopter. We demonstrated a clear ownership title but also, since the helicopter was sold from the UK to a Belgian client’ we were in a position to present the traceability of the transaction. We safeguarded the buyer’s €120,000.00 and guided him to a really good alternative solution and purchased an EC120B instead on his behalf.