Debts Attached To The Helicopter

'Uplifting avoids a catastrophic and very costly legal battle by safeguarding client’s interests'

We have witnessed a number of cases where buyers did not perform a complete due diligence on the ownership and equally have no idea nor any understanding of how to carry out a search on debts/liens attached to the helicopter(s) they wish to purchase. We have seen buyers make cash payments, purchasing the helicopter, only to find out they cannot de-register it because there are liens attached to it. 

We also had a situation where the helicopter was purchased but money was owed to the maintenance facility which, in turn, refused to release the helicopter maintenance records without being paid the outstanding invoices due by the owner(s) of the helicopters. Sometimes more than one supplier is owed money by owner(s). Such situation can be traumatic for the buyer who has no other choice but to pay all outstanding cost or take the route of a very long and very costly legal battle.

Uplifting Aviation Protection

Over the past 11 years we have saved buyers hundreds of thousands of dollars, euros and pounds by using a wide range of methodologies to avoid these traps. We put each transaction through escrow and also manage all aspects of the deal within the purchase agreement.  We then set out the terms and release of funds according to each and every specific situation. If for instance the maintenance facility is owed money and the helicopter is still under a lease finance agreement that is not settled, we are able to negotiate a settlement with all parties across borders in a specified time frame. This protects the buyer’s interest and avoids catastrophic legal battles.hic legal battles.