After Sales

'It is not in the selling that the great salesmanship talents remain, it is in supporting passionately what you have sold and being there to support your client when the going gets tough. '

We successfully purchased an EC120B for a client, and within the first three months a crack developed within the combustion liner, causing the engine to fail to meet minimum performance. The maintenance facility rightfully advised the client to remove the engine and send it to Turbomeca for repair. The estimated cost was budgeted at €125,000.00. You can imagine how unhappy the client became after only three months of use!

The client contacted us and we stepped in to find a smart solution that would effectively add a tremendous amount of value. We suggested that he enrolled in the OEM Service by the Hour (SBH) agreement. We then conducted negotiations with Turbomeca whereby the client would pay for the repairs but would equally be able to enrol in the SBH without buying into it. This was a win/win situation. Turbomeca got a new client on their SBH program, and the client now has the best possible policy covering both scheduled and unscheduled events!