The Right Helicopter

'Buying the right helicopter for the mission role'

We received a mandate to review a client’s newly purchased fleet of three Eurocopter EC120B helicopters after he realized he could not operate them on a large portion of his contracts. To be a little more precise, the client was not able to perform most of the lifting work and filming operations due to limited range with the required payload. Worse, he could not dry lease the EC120Bs because of the lack of versatility in the mission role.

The client did not get his return on investment and was stuck with the wrong helicopter type for his client base and as result could not fulfil the commercial opportunities presented to him.  For the first six months, he lost out on the return on his investment and was not able to grow his operation.

Uplifting Aviation Turn Around

We first set out to analyze the client mission profile and came up with an alternative covering three different helicopters that would suit his business model.  We then carried out an extensive fleet valuation and provided a full review of the various scenarios in remarketing but also the possibility to exchange his EC120B helicopters with other more capable single turbine models.

We put a detailed marketing strategy in place, to sell the three EC120Bs and, at the same time, delivered a smart solution to purchase three AS350B2s, a model the client agreed would be perfect for his required versatility, strong reselling value and liquidity.

We sold the EC120Bs within six months and purchased three superb AS350B2 within the same timeframe. We targeted a number of keen buyers on EC120B and were able to limit our client’s loses to only €75k for the three helicopters! We then helped our client part finance the acquisition of the three AS350B2 helicopters thus being instrumental in allowing him not to disrupt his cash flow or expose his business.