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Uplifting Aviation Services have over 20 years experience in the commercial world of helicopters. We come from an engineering and helicopter maintenance background so our expertise is rooted in practical experience. If you are looking to sell or buy a helicopter, then we can offer a tailor made service to you that will deliver the maximum return on your investment.

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Start your search for a new helicopter here and now. We have assembled all of the important specification of all the helicopters that are currently for sale. Find out what each model can do and what technical merits it has. Learn whether it is the model for you.

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Know the total cost of ownership of a helicopter

it's easy to find a helicopter for sale on the internet and we would back you to get the best deal possible.

However, the most important figure to calculate is that of Total Cost Ownership and this is never included in the ticket price.

It take's a helicopter specialist with a contemporary understanding of the market to accurately forecast the depreciation the machine will inevitably incur over a given period.

He will also provide you with a knowledgeable financial assessment of the likely direct operating costs, annual running rates and typical unscheduled expenses.

All of this will be specific to the model of aircraft you intend to buy.

Finally, as specialist we will tell you if your helicopter is right for its intended mission, whether or not it is handling correctly or whether you should walk away from the deal and find a suitable alternative.

We, at Uplifting Aviation, are those experts and we can offer you this level of procurement expertise whether you are buying or selling a helicopter. 

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