2012 Agusta Westland AW139 VIP


  • Aluminium alloy fuselage Acrylic windshields Overhead cockpit windows Lower
  • Cockpit windows
  • Forced fan ventilation
  • Cockpit ram air adjustable outlets
  • Bleed air heater and defroster with air noise suppressions
  • Heated Pitot tubes (2) with Pitot heat failure warning (2) Heated static intakes(2)
  • One cockpit and one passenger cabin fire extinguisher
  • Pilot doors (2) with push‐out emergency exit window (with “storm window” on pilot side) Plug‐in sliding doors (2) for passenger cabin access with four locking latches
  • Passenger doors stop in fully open position
  • Six cabin push‐out emergency exit windows (two on each passenger cabin door) Baggage compartment with two lockable baggage compartment doors (LH and RH)
  • Baggage compartment cargo tie‐down fittings
  • Wheeled retractable tricycle landing gear (two wheels on nose gear and brakes on main landing gear) Structural provisions for nose landing gear doors
  • Landing gear mooring
  • Upper deck mooring provisions
  • Hoisting and jacking fittings
  • Tail boom and vertical fin
  • Stabilizers with composite “winglets”
  • Pilot and co‐pilot windshield wipers
  • Maintenance steps for access to upper deck on both sides
  • Upper deck cowlings (one front forward sliding, two side opening for engine
  • access) Steps for cockpit access
  • Anti‐vibration masses (2) under cabin floor

  • Fully articulated Main Rotor (M/R) with five composite blades, five elastomeric bearings and five hydraulic dampers
  • Rotating M/R flight controls
  • Main rotor hub beanie
  • Main dual servo actuators (3)
  • Fully articulated Tail Rotor (T/R) with four composite blades, four elastomeric bearings and four elastomeric dampers
  • Rotating T/R flight controls
  • One T/R dual servo actuator force trim system
  • Pilot fixed flight controls (cyclic, collective, anti‐torque pedals)
  • Co‐pilot fixed flight controls
  • (Cyclic, collective, anti‐torque pedals) 
  • Dual digital 3‐axis linear
  • Actuators Rotor brake
  • Provision for mam rotor tracking (magnetic pick‐up)

  • Two Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6C‐67C turboshaft engine
  • Two independent FADEC systems with autostart and engine control functions for normal, emergency and training operations
  • Two magnetic chip detectors
  • Two integrated and independent engine oil coolers
  • Separation firewall protection for each engine
  • Fire detection system
  • Fire extinguisher system (2 bottles)
  • Steel engine exhausts and ejectors
  • Two independent crashworthy fuel cells
  • Two supply pumps on engines
  • Two submerged booster pumps in fuel tank
  • Two fuel filter assemblies
  • Two engine back‐up controls, mechanical and electrical
  • Two manual engine start and ignition systems

  • Main transmission with two direct drive engine inputs
  • Three main transmission chip detectors/debris collectors with burning capability
  • Two freewheel units
  • Four strut rods for upper deck attachment and one anti‐torque plate Intermediate gearbox with sight gauge and magnetic drain plug/chip detector Tail gearbox with sight gauge and magnetic drain plug/chip detector
  • Dual independent, redundant hydraulic systems
  • Two hydraulic Power Control Modules (PCM)
  • Three main transmission driven hydraulic mechanical pumps for controls, landing gear and wheel brake actuation
  • One electrical pump for control checks on ground (engines off)
  • Air conditioning compressor quill

  • DC primary power generation: 28 V DC regulated voltage provided by two independent 300 A starter generators
  • DC external power receptacle
  • Two nickel‐cadmium batteries one 44 Ah main battery plus one 13 Ah auxiliary battery DC starter generator control units (2)
  • Navigation lights (3) Anti‐collision light
  • External emergency landing lights on the sponsons (2)
  • Fixed landing/taxing lights on the sponsons (2) Retractable/rotating landing light
  • Baggage compartment lights (3) and smoke sensor

  • 1st PF D ( Pilot Primary Flight Display 8" * 10" colour Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display ) as part of Honey well Primus Epic System for visualization of flight and navigation data.
  • 2nd PFD (Co‐pilot Primary Flight Display 8" x 10" colour Active Matrix Liquid
  • Crystal Display ) as part of Honey well Primus Epic System for visualization of flight and navigation data
  • 1st M FD (Pilot Multi function Display 8" * 10" colour Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display) as part of Honey well Primus Epic System for visualization of flight and navigation data
  • 2nd MFD (Co‐pilot Multi function Display 8" x 10" colour Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display) as part of Honey well Primus Epic System for visualization of flight and navigation data.
  • One Electronic Standby Instrument System ( ESIS) (attitude , airspeed , altitude , vertical speed , compass, and ILS data)
  • Two Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (A HRS)
  • Two Air Data Modules (ADM)
  • Two flux valves
  • Two Display Controllers (DC)
  • Two Cursor Control Devices (CCD)
  • One Reversion Control Panel (RCP)
  • One Display Dimming Control Panel (DCP)
  • One Stability Augmentation System (SAS) control panel
  • Two Remote Instrument Controllers (RIC)
  • Two Modular A vionic Unit s (MAU) in corporating the following major sub systems and /or functions :
  • Vehicle Monitoring System ( VMS ) dual
  • Monitor Warning System (MWS) dual
  • Aural Warning Generator (AWG) single
  • Central Maintenance Computer (CMC) single
  • 4‐axis dual Digital Automatic Flight Control System (DAFCS) Basic
  • Provision for CVR/ FR data interface (single)
  • Flight Director System (dual) Pilot and co‐pilot headsets
  • Pilot and co‐pilot in terphone control (cyclic grip and floor switches)
  • Left Modular Radio Cabinet (M RC) with the following modules:

  • One VHF Comm .
  • One VOR/LOC/ GS /M B
  • Right Modular Radio Cabinet (MRC) with the following modules:
  • One VHF Comm .
  • One Mode S diversity transponder
  • One VOR/ LOC/ GS /M B
  • One ADF
  • One DME
  • Two pedestal mounted Multi Control Function Display Units ( MCDU)
  • 1st radaral timeter RT ‐300
  • 2nd radaral timeter RT ‐300
  • Emerg ency Locator Transmitter (ELT)
  • One flight guidance controller
  • Honey well GPS module with Flight Plan Management System (FPMS)
  • Pilot and co‐pilot digital audio panels with remote ICS audio port for ground peration
  • Pilot clock (digital)
  • Co‐pilot clock ( digital)
  • One magnetic compass
  • One outside air temperature indicator
  • Two Master Warning Lights (MWL)
  • Two Master Caution Lights (MCL)
  • Engine 1 firelight
  • Engine 2 firelight
  • Baggage compartment smoke detector light
  • Dual electrical power connection for CVR/ FDR (FAA requirement com pliant)

  • Pilot and co‐pilot crashworthy seats (with inertial reels and safety belts)
  • Cockpit dome/storm light
  • Cockpit utility lights (2)
  • 28 V DC cockpit/cabin power outlet cockpit panel sun‐glare shields Overhead cockpit windows sun shades
  • Floor provisions for 15‐seat configuration Fluorescent lighted emergency exit signs cockpit map and data case in central console
  • Two flash lights for pilot and co‐pilot
  • Map and data cases in pilot and co‐pilot doors
  • ICS panel with plug for one headset
  • Air ventilation system First aid kit

  • Covers and flags: engine exhaust pipes (2),
  • Engine air inlets (2)
  • Pitot tubes (2),
  • Battery connector warning flag (1)
  • Manuals: aircraft log, engines operations, flight and maintenance and overhaul, illustrated parts catalogue
  • Tie‐down assemblies for main rotor blades (5)
  • Tail rotor blades flapping block (1)
  • Main rotor blades sock pole (1) Main landing gear wheel chocks (2)
  • Main rotor balance and tracking chart, tail rotor balance chart
  • Nose landing gear centre pin (1) and landing gear handle locking pin (1) Jacking dome assy (1)
  • Tow bar (1)
  • Loose equipment bag (1)

SPECIFICATION as per Dec 2014
Airframe : TT : 272 Hrs T Cycles 587 No Damage history
Engines : Pratt & Whitney PT6C ‐67C w/ FADEC Engines under P&W ESP
Optional Avionics / Radios and Other features :
  • TCAS I KTA‐970 Honeywell Bendix/King
  • Weather Radar Primus 660 Honeywell removable
  • Auxiliary trasversal fuel tanks 132 USG removable
  • Approach plates chart holders with lights for pilot and co‐pilot
  • Slump protection pads provision
  • MTOW extension up to 6 800 kg
  • Full icing protection system/combined accessory gear box
  • Moving map Euronav V
  • 5th cockpit display for Euronav V EGPWS Enhanced Vision System
  • Wire Strike Protection System
  • Auxiliary Heavy duty battery 27 Ah
  • 10’ monitor on the separation wall
  • CD, DVD, MP3 player + USB connection to an hard disk into the cabby area
  • SATCOM installed in the document box on the backward bulkhead

SPECIFICATION Interior and optional equipments:
  • 3 armchairs leather covered (with inertial reels and safety belts)
  • 4 comfortable seats leather covered (with inertial reels, safety belts and under‐seat skirts)
  • Armrests for comfortable seats fwd (Qty 3 per row)
  • Armrests‐cabinets for comfortable seats fwd (LH and RH)
  • Headsets Bose ANR type (Qty 7)
  • Fashion cabinet (between two armchairs) with newspaper holder
  • Multipurpose Cubby with 3 sliding doors
  • Separation wall, closed by manual sliding glass window
  • Passenger cabin sliding doors
  • Super Silent soundproofing
  • Sliding door liners leather/leatherette covered with Passenger Service Unit
  • Electrically operated pax steps (RH and LH) with boarding lights (in lieu of fixed steps)
  • Nose landing gear door
  • Customized VIP cabin Finishing from Company selection as applicable i.a.w. prevailing airworthiness directives
  • Decoration trim flat (for pax sliding doors)
  • Passenger carpet (high thickness)
  • Air conditioning system
  • P.A. (Passenger Address) system (including loudspeakers and safety belts lights)
  • ICS in cabin for all passengers
  • Passenger cabin thermo acoustic double layer tinted windows
  • Ripple dampers
  • Active Vibration Control System (AVCS) provision
  • MGB Premium grade
  • Stat Com Iridium ST3100 Aircell I‐pod dock station on cabinet
  • AVCS removable Exterior :
  • Customised painting scheme, metallic colours from company selection Maintenance : on CAMP

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