In the aviation industry, the main objective of banks is to promote their loans and to provide customers with a wide range of options for financing their helicopter. With our extensive aviation expertise and global network of partners, Uplifting Aviation can support banks in meeting the needs of their clients. We can also promote the bank's aircraft financing solutions to our clients worldwide.

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Portfolio Acquisition

We facilitate the acquisition of an existing portfolio of helicopters, acting as the bank's advisors. We carry out a thorough assessment of the fleet value at any given time and present the risks and rewards. We help put a bespoke strategy to negotiate the fleet acquisition price as well as co-executing and co-managing the purchase of the portfolio.

  • Provides an additional layer of expertise to add certainty to complex transactions.
  • Ensures the contractual requirements of your client are met.
  • Assists your clients in avoiding pitfalls and issues that can delay or prevent successful closure of the deal.

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Portfolio Evaluation

We assist banks in carrying out a live and thorough evaluation of their clients' helicopter portfolios. We employ a tried and tested approach for helicopter valuation based on analysis of past and present trading values for the specific helicopter model and serial number, and leveraging data compiled over 18 years of aircraft trading. We complement this with comprehensive market reports using the most advanced live databases, and then benchmark the data against competitor models, market segments and/or regions of the world, enabling extremely accurate and reliable valuations.

  • Enables banks to adjust their financial proposals appropriately.
  • Increases confidence in aircraft financing projects.
  • Increases probability of high ROI.

Call us for a live valuation prior to financing your client’s helicopter.

Solution Promotion

We promote banks' aircraft financing solutions to our global client base. Uplifting Aviation maintains close working relationships with commercial and Parapublic operators, as well as a range of private and corporate aircraft and helicopter owners. When we are mandated to acquire helicopters, we always discuss various financial options, and we can propose banks' aircraft financing solutions to suitable clients.

  • Provides access to Uplifting Aviation's worldwide client base.
  • Generates opportunities to grow revenues and market share.

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