MRO and Parts Stockist

The main mission of helicopter MROs is to keep their clients' helicopters airworthy and to provide ongoing support to their client base. Uplifting Aviation endeavours to support their critical mission by accessing its global network of partners and suppliers to source the required helicopters and components.

We also support parts stockists through sourcing helicopters required to supply MROs, OEMS and helicopter owners, including new or serviceable spare parts, components, equipment, avionics, accessories, engines and tooling.

We find suitable part-out helicopters to support MRO and parts stockists' operations. We maintain close working relationships with banks, aviation finance specialists, Lessors, MROs, commercial and private owners as well as government agencies, giving us access to trade deals across the globe.

Requirements Assessment

We conduct a detailed review of the MRO or parts stockist's needs for specific helicopters, engines and components.

Helicopters Model Search

We conduct an extensive search of on- and off-market helicopters and narrow down a selection of models that closely match our client's requirements.

Transaction Facilitation

We coordinate the offer and project manage the inspection and acquisition of the helicopter.

  • Provides access to quality helicopters for parting out projects, at competitive prices.
  • Increases our clients' profit margins.
  • Supports our clients in growing new fleets with their target helicopter product lines.

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Selection and Acquisition

We support MROs and parts stockists assisting less experienced clients in the selection and acquisition of new and/or preowned helicopters.

Mission Analysis

We conduct an initial assessment of the client's specific objectives and mission requirements.

Recommendation Report

We produce a comprehensive report presenting the ideal helicopter fitting both the mission and the client’s budget. One of the report's key features is a benchmark between helicopter models covering performance, acquisition price, running costs, depreciation and projected future market value.

Acquisition Support

Once the client indicates their preferred helicopter model, we can follow through on the selection, sourcing and acquisition of the helicopter.

  • Ensures selection of helicopter(s) well-suited to the client's mission requirements.
  • Avoids runaway costs exceeding the client's budget expectations.
  • Reduces the client's acquisition costs.
  • Minimises operational costs over the helicopter's service life.
  • Reduces the stress and time burden on the client.
  • Ensures the client's satisfaction with their purchase.

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