When clients elect to sell their helicopters, they may task their pilots with finding a buyer, given their extensive networks of aviation professionals. However, if the re-marketing takes place during difficult market conditions, pilots often reach out to trusted helicopter brokers in order to guarantee the sale of the helicopter. Uplifting Aviation can access our worldwide client base to help pilots fast track sale of the helicopters, ensuring the achievement of clients' expectations in terms of price and timeline.

Client Helicopter Sales

We help pilots fast track the sale of their clients' helicopters. Uplifting Aviation maintains close working relationships and active dealings with commercial and Parapublic operators, as well as private and corporate clients worldwide. We can access our global client base to promote clients' helicopters to the right audiences.

  • Provides access to Uplifting Aviation's worldwide client base.
  • Assists pilots in fast tracking the sale of their clients' helicopters.

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Precise Valuations

We provide a precise valuation of clients' helicopters. We employ a tried and tested approach for helicopter valuation based on analysis of past and present trading values for the specific helicopter model and serial number, and leveraging data compiled over 18 years of aircraft trading. We complement this with comprehensive market reports using the most advanced live databases, and then benchmark the data against competitor models, market segments and/or regions of the world, enabling extremely accurate and reliable valuations.

  • Provides clients with a precise idea of the value of their helicopters, at any given time.
  • Allows clients to precisely plan their finances before and after sale of their assets.
  • Enables clearer risk-reward analysis to make informed decisions on the re-marketing of assets.

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