Parapublic Operators and Government Agencies

Parapublic – organisation or service partially funded, operated and owned by the government. Parapublic helicopter operations cover Air Ambulance, Civil Protection, Search and Rescue, Fire Fighting etc. These services are either directly operated by the government or sub-contracted to commercial operators. The clients we serve in the Parapublic sector share common priorities in their helicopter procurement, which we understand intimately. They require helicopter models with specific configurations, performance and operational capabilities; they aim for their lease or financing payments to be fixed for the duration of the contract, with variable costs capped; and they mandatorily require comprehensive after-sales support, including full MRO services, spare parts exchange, as well as pilot and engineer training for the duration of the contract.

Practical Solutions

Uplifting Aviation endeavours to support Parapublic operators in finding practical solutions that meet their specific mission requirements, while our global network of partners allows us to secure timely and cost-efficient options for additional lifting capacity to address emergency needs or to plug any gaps during order fulfilment.

Prior to the tender being released, we design and engineer a precise global solution to cover all requirements for the government agency. This can be carried out before and/or during the initial provisioning stage presented by the government or the Parapublic operators.

Requirements Assessment

We carry out an extensive analysis of the operational and financial support requirement with each governmental department in charge.

Strategy Execution

We implement the strategy through the tender.

Contract Facilitation

Upon the release of the tender, we undertake the negotiations with all participants and oversee the execution of the contract with the winning party.

  • Guaranteed to achieve significant and substantial savings throughout the duration of the contract.
  • Provides a range of global solutions to conveniently meet our clients' operational needs such as acquisitions of new and pre- owned helicopters, dry and wet lease.
  • Customised after-sales support and financing on a worldwide basis across all Parapublic operations.

Contact us to discuss how we can engineer a tailored solution for your special mission.

Scalable Capacity

We source additional lifting capacity for short or long-term requirements and in the event of major natural emergencies (e.g. earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, hurricanes etc.).

We work with specialist commercial operators across the globe and provide solutions that:

  • fit every mission
  • address emerging operational needs
  • generate significant time and monetary savings for our clients

Contact us to discuss our flexible solutions which will save you time and money. </

Temporary Capacity

We source temporary lifting capacity to meet our clients' operational requirements prior to fulfilment of new helicopter orders, which may take from 12 up to 24 months.

We team up with the best special mission operators across the globe who can offer temporary capabilities.

  • Provides direct access to the latest helicopter models with identical capabilities and whilst waiting for the delivery of the new helicopter.
  • Allows our clients to plug operational gaps between helicopter order and delivery, quickly and cost-efficiently.
  • Facilitates a smooth transition to operation of the new helicopter models.

Contact us discuss how we can ensure uninterrupted operations.

Trial Helicopters

We source helicopter models for our clients to trial prior to acquisition. We can structure a short-term operating solution with specific helicopter models meeting the government agency requirements. We work with commercial operator specialists flying the precise model and configuration of helicopter for our client's mission.

This gives us the ability to secure the specific helicopter model our clients are looking to acquire, be it Airbus Helicopters, Bell Helicopters, Leonardo, Sikorsky MD helicopters or Robinson Helicopters. We can also offer wet and dry leasing solutions, generally if the terms exceed 24 months period. 

  • Allows our clients to try before they buy.
  • Increases confidence regarding major investment decisions.

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