The two major pillars of aviation are helicopter manufacturing and operations.

Helicopter operations can be broken down into two major categories – civil and military – each with its own set of aviation regulations. However, helicopter operations also include a cross-over between civil and military, namely Parapublic operations; these are government-provided services, which can be bound by either civil or military aviation rules.

Parapublic Buying Parapublic Selling

Civil helicopter operations encompass a diverse set of activities, such as charter, aerial work, search and rescue, oil and gas, among many others. See Markets and Segments.

It is a mandatory requirement for all civil operations to obtain an A.O.C. (Air Operator's Certificate), a form of approval by the applicable National Civil Aviation Authority permitting helicopter operators to use aircraft for commercial purposes.

Upon detailed review of the client’s specific requirements and mission, Uplifting Aviation can select the most suitable helicopter operator or alternatively assist clients in setting up their own A.O.C. In either case, we can support the client’s mission with any form of operations, any type of helicopter, anywhere in the world.

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