Market Intelligence

In the context of the helicopter industry, market intelligence provides crucial insights on specific helicopter or engine models and serial numbers trading and operating within specific market segments.

Market intelligence may be gathered for one or more of the following objectives:

  • Assessing, validating and securing investments in a helicopter portfolio;
  • Structuring, standardising and optimising a helicopter leasing business;
  • Analysing risks and opportunities attached to the purchase of new or preowned helicopter models in the specific markets and regions of the world where they are to be owned, leased and operated;
  • Confirming demand for the model across different market segments and regions of the world; or
  • Establishing present and forecasting future value for a specific helicopter in a given configuration.


Who is it for?

Market intelligence is a key prerequisite for any parties considering investment in the aviation market. Uplifting Aviation is best positioned to advise the following audiences:

  • Helicopter investors
  • Businesses considering investment in or expansion to the helicopter industry
  • Accounting, auditing, tax and advisory specialists
  • Banks owning helicopter portfolios
  • Helicopter Lessors
  • Helicopter manufacturers
  • Corporate buyers

Why Uplifting Aviation?

Uplifting Aviation runs the most powerful live databases in the industry; combined with our daily trading activities on the market, this enables us to provide an accurate and holistic view of any helicopter, for any mission, anywhere in the world.

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