Lawyers act on behalf of a range of private and commercial clients seeking to acquire helicopters, with the key objectives of ensuring successful transactions and protecting clients against legal liabilities and other matters arising through helicopter purchases. Uplifting Aviation can provide a comprehensive assessment for each deal, highlighting the commercial, technical and financial risks as well as the opportunities presented.

 In addition, we can provide alternative solutions to decrease liabilities and maximise savings on each transaction. More importantly, at each critical stage of the transaction, Uplifting Aviation will resolve any contentious issues that would or could break the deal.

Advance Assessments

We perform advanced assessments of the risks and opportunities for each helicopter deal.

We are highly experienced in managing transactions and are consequently aware of where each liability lies.

  • Provides an independent and unbiased assessment supported by a thorough helicopter valuation and live market reporting.
  • Enables planning of solutions for various eventualities that have potential to present substantial risk to the client.

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Counterparty Vetting

We meticulously vet the reputation and credentials of the helicopter owners and operators.

Comprehensive Helicopter Review

We review the operations of each helicopter throughout its service life and from manufacture date.

 We also check which service centres and MROs have supported the helicopters and engine components since new.

Summary Risk Assessment

We provide an overall picture of the risk attached to the deal.

Bespoke Strategy

We provide alternative solutions to decrease liabilities and maximise savings on the transaction. We know where the shortfalls are and thus can engineer a bespoke strategy to address these with a view to decreasing the buyer's liabilities. We then execute the strategy, negotiating on behalf of the buyer to secure concessions for those specific problems identified.

  • Supports lawyers in decreasing their clients' liabilities.
  • Allows significant saving on the asset acquisition price.

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Issue Resolution

We resolve any issues that could potentially break the deal. We have a multitude of solutions to address risk liabilities that could arise before, during and after any transaction.

  • Increases confidence in all aspects of the deal.
  • Guarantees successful closure.
  • Enables prevention of significant loss of time and resources due to collapse of the deal.

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The Right Helicopter

We help the client buy the right helicopters from the right owners. We deal directly with owners and operators worldwide and can source off-market helicopters that precisely meet our client’s requirement. In addition, we operate the most advanced helicopters database, giving us access to most owners, operators and Lessors on a wide range of helicopters.

  • Guaranteed to find the right helicopter matching the client's requirements.
  • Saves significant time and effort in searching for the ideal helicopter(s).

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Mission Analysis

We conduct an initial assessment of our client's specific objectives and mission requirements.

Recommendation Report

We produce a comprehensive report presenting the ideal helicopter fitting both the mission and our client’s budget.

One of the report's key features is a benchmark between helicopter models covering performance, acquisition price, running costs, depreciation and projected future market value.

Acquisition Support

Once the client indicates their preferred helicopter model, we can follow through on the selection, sourcing and acquisition of the helicopter.

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