Independent Advisors

Independent advisors are not aviation specialists. They may support one of their clients in buying or selling their helicopters and may seek guidance from helicopters’ brokers.

Independent advisors are often called upon by their clients to support in helicopter acquisition or sale, which can pose significant challenges for those lacking in-depth aviation expertise. In such cases, advisors typically need to rely on trusted and knowledgeable experts to facilitate the transaction. Uplifting Aviation can bring a wealth of expertise in support of advisors and their clients, with our global network of partners, suppliers and clients enabling us to source the right helicopter models at the right price.

Our end-to-end service consists of carrying out in-depth mission analysis, reporting on the most suitable helicopter models for the given mission, sourcing the preferred helicopter model, executing the purchase transaction and providing after-sales support and management services.

Turnkey Solutions

We provide a turnkey solution for the selection, acquisition and management of helicopters.

  • Provides a one-stop solution for helicopter acquisition from an established, reliable, trusted and reputable broker.
  • Guaranteed to find the right helicopter matching the client's requirements.
  • Provides access to off-market helicopters.
  • Ensures selection of the right solution meeting the client's mission requirements and budget expectations.
  • Minimises involvement and time burden on the client.

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Mission Analysis

We carry out a thorough and comprehensive mission analysis.

Helicopter Model Search

We conduct an extensive search of on- and off-market helicopters and narrow down a selection of models that closely match the client's requirements.

Total cost of ownership (TCO) Assessment

We present the client with a financial overview indicating the total cost of ownership (TCO) throughout the service life of the selected helicopters.

Helicopter Procurement

We source the helicopter models in the precise configuration required by the client.

Transaction Facilitation

We deploy a pre-purchase agreement and then negotiate the price, contractual terms, maintenance, modifications and cabin upgrade of the helicopters.

Operational Support (Optional)

If required, we can provide pilots and assist in setting up the air operator certificate.

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