Uplifting Aviation can undertake the management of helicopters. We provide a tailored service for our clients, with particular focus on the following: Banks, Investors owning a portfolio of helicopters, Corporate owners and Government agencies

Helicopter owners be they corporate buyers or investors with a helicopter portfolio, above all seek to ensure that their assets and their interests are well protected throughout the ownership lifecycle. Uplifting Aviation offers services for comprehensive or partial management of helicopters, tailored to each client’s specific requirements.

Our management services encompass the following specific aspects:


Ensuring helicopters are operating in accordance with the contractual agreement between lessee and Lessor.


Ensuring helicopters are maintained to the latest standards and regulations.


Anticipating, scheduling and negotiating all maintenance events throughout the ownership lifecycle and/or duration of the lease.


Where applicable, ensuring the retrofit is compliant with the various regulations in place in the country of import and operation.


Assessing the optimal reconfiguration of the helicopter to meet market demand, negotiating the cost of the retrofit and executing the implementation.


Coordinating and ensuring best practices are followed in the shipping of the helicopter, its engines and its components.


Providing live valuations of helicopters throughout their ownership lifecycle.


Promoting, selling or leasing out helicopters to specific identified buyers.

Disposal/Parting Out

When advantageous to do so, studying and implementing strategies to sell the helicopter parts to extract higher value.

Financial Review

Carrying out an analysis of the financial profits or losses generated throughout the leasing and after the sale of the helicopter.

Asset Re-financing

Securing re-financing arrangements for the asset to obtain a cheaper lending rate or to fund the retrofit and repurposing of the helicopter(s).

Annual Costing and Budgeting

Planning scheduled and unscheduled maintenance events, as well as accurately forecasting annual costs including insurance, hangar, hourly maintenance reserve and pilotage.

Contract Management

Providing detailed annual performance reviews and handling contract negotiation and re-negotiation.


Sourcing and managing pilots to meet all operation requirements.

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