A Lessor’s main objective will be to buy new helicopters from helicopter manufacturers. The purpose is to build a portfolio of helicopters in support of different missions such as EMS, Oil and Gas, Search and Rescue and energy markets with a view to offering helicopters generally on a medium or long term lease and at a pre-determined cost to the lessee. A Lessor takes the risk on the asset and will charge a monthly fixed fee over the duration of the contract.

As of January 2020, the world civilian turbine powered helicopter fleet in operation was just under 23,500 flying machines with an estimated value of US$55 Bn. The Lessors share accounts for a staggering US$8Bn with a fleet not exceeding 800 helicopters. Turbine powered helicopters are selling worldwide. However, due to the rotorcraft capabilities in terms of range and speed, their operational uses are always national or even regional. To add to the challenge, the bulk of the operators own and/or lease less than 10 helicopters in a very fragmented market.

Over the past 18 years, Uplifting Aviation has been trading with small, medium and large operators globally and can help bring new lessees to helicopter Lessors. There are instances where lessees can only afford preowned helicopter models. Uplifting Aviation can engineer a solution to the most advantageous benefit to Lessees and Lessors. We can also re-market any Lessors' helicopters that are scheduled to be removed from their portfolio.

Helicopter Operating Leases

We facilitate new helicopter operating leases for Lessors by re-purposing their clients' older fleets. Uplifting Aviation collaborates with Lessors to engineer solutions that precisely meet the operator's contractual mission.

  • Supports Lessors in securing new operating leases with clients.
  • Provides cost-effective solutions for expanding Lessors' portfolios.
  • Minimises involvement and time burden on Lessors' teams.

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Mission Analysis

We carry out a thorough and comprehensive mission analysis, working closely with the lessor's and operator's teams.

Helicopter Model Search

We conduct an extensive search of on- and off-market helicopters and narrow down a selection of models that closely match the operator's requirements.

Model Retrofitting

If the recommended models do not fit the precise configuration required by the operator, we facilitate and negotiate any retrofitting needed.

Business Case Development

We present the business case to the lessor's team.

Support While You Wait

We source pre-owned helicopters for the Lessor to fulfil its client’s mission whilst the new ordered helicopters are being manufactured. We access our client base and global network of partners to identify parties operating the specific helicopter model and configuration sought by the Lessor and the lessee.

  • Prevents loss of business when the required helicopters are unavailable.
  • Provides access to off-market helicopters.

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New Opportunities

We generate new business opportunities for Lessors. When an operator receives investment or is the target of a potential acquisition, there may be a requirement to standardise the fleet or expand the company’s operations and market share.

We support established small operators in achieving these goals, and we can engineer financial solutions with Lessors enabling operators to meet their contractual and financial objectives. Among other options, Lessors may acquire the targeted lessee’s helicopter fleet and offer a sales leaseback options.

  • Supports Lessors in growing their portfolio.
  • Generates excellent opportunities to increase market share.
  • Improves ROI for Lessors' investors.

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