Dry and Wet Leases

When considering the lease of a helicopter instead of an outright purchase, dry and wet leases are the two general options available. Dry leases are often requested by A.O.C. holders, typically over the short- or medium-term, as an alternative to purchasing additional helicopters. Wet leases, on the other hand, also known as A.C.M.I. (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance), tend to be requested by clients either without an A.O.C. of their own or lacking within their A.O.C. the capability to operate the required helicopter models.

In both cases of dry and wet leases, the price and terms and conditions are a direct function of the level of risk attached to the following:

  • Contract
  • Mission
  • Country
  • Duration
  • Client
  • Based on the client’s specific requirement, and leveraging our network of banks, Lessors and other partners, Uplifting Aviation can set up and implement dry and wet lease solutions for any mission, with any helicopter, anywhere in the world.

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