Lease Return/Recoveries/Oversight Services

In aviation, oversight refers to the process of reviewing, supervising, monitoring and implementing a project. Oversight services cover a wide spectrum of activities that directly impact the integrity, safety and security of the helicopter(s) and its passengers, none more so than maintenance and pilotage. When it comes to leasing, financing, buying or selling rotorcraft, there are three main categories of oversight services:

Ongoing – carried out from start to end of a lease contract

Lease Return – taking place when a helicopter is returned to the owner or Lessor

Repossession – taking place when a lessee defaults on their lease payment

Aviation Oversight Services

This encompass the following activities:

  • Continuous airworthiness assessment and management
  • Vetting of the maintenance work scope
  • Compliance with long- and short-term storage protocol
  • Compliance with the lease return terms and conditions as set out in the lease agreement
  • Analysis and implementation of P.B.H. (Power By the Hour) and maintenance reserves’ strategy, i.e. buy-in, sell out or transfer
  • Assessment and implementation of retrofit programme(s)
  • Valuation and implementation of the purposing solution for the helicopter(s)
  • Coordination of logistics
  • Execution of the remarketing and disposal of the helicopter

Who is it for?

While oversight services add value for a range of helicopter owners and financiers, Uplifting Aviation’s services are focused mainly on the following clients:

  • Helicopter Lessors
  • Banks financing helicopters
  • Investors funding helicopters
  • Owners renting out helicopters

Why Uplifting Aviation?

Uplifting Aviation’s oversight services are driven by a unique vision, focused on delivery of three key outcomes:

Protect the asset value

Ensure the asset’s saleability

Significantly reduce liability

To deliver on these outcomes, Uplifting Aviation follows a rigorous and results-oriented approach in reviewing, supervising, monitoring and implementing a project.

We already know where the buyers are for each specific helicopter, and we have thorough knowledge of the costs involved in retrofitting helicopters, enabling us to effectively promote the specific features and benefits of the helicopters to be sold or leased. Additionally, we design and engineer the optimal maintenance work scope for repurposing of our clients’ helicopters, ensuring the desired results in the sale or lease of assets, and ultimately saving our clients valuable time, money or both.

Uplifting Aviation achieves these specific objectives by:

  • Gaining certainty that the targeted repurposing of the helicopter aligns with current market demand at the time of the lease return;
  • Enhancing the saleability of helicopters by designing a work scope and configuration to meet prevailing market requirements; and
  • Implementing a detailed, bespoke strategy for either the remarketing, the return to lease or potentially the parting out of helicopter assets.

Uplifting Aviation’s oversight services are designed to deliver the desired outcomes of banks, Lessors and others with helicopter investments. We endeavour to preserve or maximise the value of the helicopters while they are not generating any revenue.

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