At the end of the financing period, the main objective of banks is to turn their assets into cash, while ensuring the maintenance of helicopters is carried out in accordance with the OEM protocols throughout the sale process.

Uplifting Aviation endeavours to support banks in implementing re-marketing strategies for their helicopters and those of their clients. We also provide comprehensive solutions for the maintenance and management of helicopters. 

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Re-Marketing and Sale

We handle the re-marketing and sale of your clients' helicopters, end to end. Having managed nearly $1.5 billion of aviation deals, we have mastered the art of successful aircraft transactions and can adeptly handle all of the underlying processes, from the re-marketing standpoint through to engineering, legal, financial and export aspects, and on to final closing.

  • Guaranteed to achieve sale of clients' helicopters.
  • Faster turnaround of the sale process.
  • Minimises client involvement and time burden.

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Asset Disposal

As and when banks choose to dispose of helicopters they own, Uplifting Aviation is well-positioned to assist. We leverage our extensive network of owners, operators, traders and bankers across the globe.

We have a very good understanding of who the buyers and sellers are and can fast track sales transactions.

  • Guaranteed to achieve sale of banks' helicopters.
  • Faster turnaround of the sale process.
  • Saves banks' management teams up to 300 hours per transaction in re-marketing and execution of the sale process.

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We manage the airworthiness of banks' helicopters and provide an extensive oversight service throughout the re-marketing process. We work very closely with maintenance specialists on all helicopter models and have a thorough understanding of the MRO business, which allows us to provide comprehensive management service for helicopters whilst they are being re-marketed.

  • Ensures proper maintenance and airworthiness of helicopters.
  • Reduces banks' risk exposure on their helicopters.
  • Minimises involvement and time burden on our clients' management teams.

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