MRO and Parts Stockist

For MROs and part stockists supporting clients who own helicopters, there are occasions where they will require a specialist helicopter broker to help the client sell their machine. Through our market knowledge, live databases and extensive global networks, Uplifting Aviation can ensure a successful sale to the right customer, in the fastest turnaround time and at best value.

Re-Marketing and Sale

We handle the re-marketing and sale of clients' helicopters, end to end. Having managed nearly $1.5 billion of aviation deals, we have mastered the art of successful helicopter transactions and can adeptly handle all the underlying processes, from the re-marketing standpoint through to engineering, legal, financial and export aspects, and on to final closing.

  • Guaranteed to achieve sale of clients' helicopters.
  • Faster turnaround of the sale process.
  • Minimises involvement and time burden on the client. 

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Precise Valuations

We work out the precise value of clients' helicopters at a given point in time. We employ a tried and tested approach for helicopter valuation based on analysis of past and present trading values for the specific helicopter model and serial number, and leveraging data compiled over 18 years of helicopter trading. We complement this with comprehensive market reports using the most advanced live databases, and then benchmark the data against competitor models, market segments and/or regions of the world, enabling extremely accurate and reliable valuations.

  • Provides clients with a precise idea of the value of their helicopters.
  • Allows clients to precisely plan their finances before and after sale of their assets.
  • Enables clearer risk-reward analysis to make informed decisions on the re-marketing of assets.

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Market Conditions

We enhance the client's understanding of current market conditions to enable appropriate strategies for selling their assets. We have access to live data on the worldwide market for all helicopters and/or specific serial numbers. We also team up with partner specialists in all corners of the globe, giving us a 360° view of the market conditions for any specific helicopter or helicopter model at any given time.

  • Significantly improves the client's understanding of current market conditions for the specific helicopter model.
  • Enables more informed decisions on the appropriate strategy to deploy in the sale of the asset.

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We advise MROs, parts stockists and their clients on the expected time it will take to sell the helicopters. With a long track record re-marketing and sourcing most helicopter models, as well as our active dealing in the current market, we are fluent in the many variables that impact the speed of completing a helicopter sale, including the asset's configuration, place of registration, target sale price, target market segments, timing of the sale, availability of new and preowned models, availability of competitor models and current market demand, among others. Based on this knowledge and our close attention to these factors, we can provide a fairly accurate projection of how long it will take to sell the asset in question.

  • Provides clarity on the expected timeline for completing the sale.
  • Enables the client to properly plan their finances and commitments toward the assets' ongoing operating costs.

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We inform MROs, parts stockists and their clients about current available buyers for the assets. We regularly receive and support requests from our global client base to purchase one or more specific helicopters for a precise mission that needs to be carried out at a set time of the year. We always have buyers for any helicopter.

  • Immediate confirmation of buyer availability.
  • Faster commencement of sale process with qualified and serious buyers.

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Process and Costs

We inform MROs, parts stockists and their clients about the process and direct costs associated with the sale of their helicopters. We present a clear and thorough description of the asset sale process, complete with a detailed breakdown of the associated costs. Our pricing is a function of the mission to be achieved, in particular the helicopter specifications, target sale price and the client's required timeline.

  • Provides clarity on the entire sale process and what to expect.
  • Gives the client a clear idea of the costs involved in selling their assets.

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