Establishing the actual value of a helicopter is a complex task. It requires, as a minimum, all of the below criteria:

  • Intimate knowledge of each helicopter manufacturer and its respective range of models and specific configurations;
  • Strong past and present understanding of the market, as well as the mission roles typically assigned to specific helicopter models;
  • Knowledge of the right tools to be used, with access to live aviation databases and software; and
  • Active daily trading on the helicopter market (specifically engagement in the remarketing, buying, trading, financing and leasing of helicopters).

Who is it for?

Valuations are essential to anyone owning, financing, leasing or trading helicopters, as well as anyone involved in helicopter brokerage.

Typically, helicopter valuations are carried out in certain circumstances:

  • Before acquiring helicopters
  • Before selling helicopters
  • Before trading helicopters
  • Before and during the financing of helicopters
  • For accounting reasons
  • For insurance purposes, i.e. for insurance claims and for calculating a helicopter’s insurance policy premium

Why are professional valuation services required?

Broadly speaking, there are two different types of valuation:

Desktop and Bluebook

Desktop and Bluebook valuations are calculated based on a predetermined value for a specific helicopter model in its year of manufacture, with some variation based on usage (low, average or high) in terms of flight hours. These approaches serve merely as reference tools; in no way do they provide a true, live assessment of a helicopter’s market value.

Professional helicopter valuations

Professional helicopter valuations, on the other hand, as carried out by specialists like Uplifting Aviation, offer clients a 360-degree view of the true value of any helicopter, taking into account the full range of economic, operational, technical and regulatory conditions.

Our Process

By trading different helicopter models across the globe and daily, Uplifting Aviation maintains a firm understanding of which helicopters are sought after and for which mission role. This on-the-ground perspective allows us to take a unique approach to valuations, integrating the five-stage process below:

  • Present a market snapshot for a specific helicopter model
  • Benchmark the helicopter against competitor models
  • Identify global sources of demand for the helicopter
  • Analyse the past five years’ trading data for the specific model
  • Carry out a detailed valuation of the helicopter, factoring in its specifications, installed mission equipment, configurations, year of manufacture, total time since new as well as the prorated value of each engine and major component.

Uplifting Aviation combines this set of data to generate a highly accurate valuation of the helicopter at a specific point in time.

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