During helicopter acquisitions, a key objective of pilots is to ensure proper practices and protocols are in place, which is why they prefer to work with knowledgeable, proactive and solution-driven helicopter specialists. Uplifting Aviation can assist in finding the right serial number, and we also provide extensive support throughout the acquisition process.

Sourcing the Right Helicopter

We assist in selecting and sourcing the right helicopter serial number. Uplifting Aviation has direct access to all civilian helicopter manufacturers worldwide. We also support a large global client base consisting of private and corporate owners, commercial operators, Lessors and banks with whom we maintain close working relationships. Our brokerage services focus exclusively on the purchase and sale of helicopters with excellent pedigrees.

  • Guaranteed to find the right helicopter matching the client's requirements.
  • Provides access to off-market helicopters.

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Helicopter Upgrade

We replace, upgrade or engineer trade-in solutions for clients' helicopters. We deal actively and on a daily basis with helicopter sellers, buyers and traders. Using our worldwide client base, Uplifting Aviation can facilitate solutions for replacing, upgrading or trading in clients' helicopters.

  • Provides access to Uplifting Aviation's worldwide client base.
  • Assists pilots in fast tracking the replacement, upgrade or trade-in of their clients' helicopters.
  • Ensures timely and appropriate solutions for clients' requirements.

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Financial Solutions

We engineer financial solutions for helicopter acquisitions. Uplifting Aviation works closely with banks, Lessors and aviation finance specialists worldwide. Using our global network of partners, we find and negotiate the right solutions for financing helicopter acquisitions.

  • Provides access to Uplifting Aviation's global network of partners.
  • Ensures suitable and timely financial solutions for clients' helicopter acquisitions.

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Helicopter Valuations

We provide a precise valuation of clients' helicopters. We employ a tried and tested approach for helicopter valuation based on analysis of past and present trading values for the specific helicopter model and serial number, and leveraging data compiled over 18 years of aircraft trading. We complement this with comprehensive market reports using the most advanced live databases, and then benchmark the data against competitor models, market segments and/or regions of the world, enabling extremely accurate and reliable valuations.

  • Provides clients with a precise idea of the value of their helicopters.
  • Allows clients to precisely plan their finances before and after sale of their assets.
  • Enables clearer risk-reward analysis to inform decisions on the re-marketing of assets.

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