Family Offices and Investors

Family offices are private wealth management advisory firms that serve ultra-high-net-worth individuals. Private equity, on the other hand, is an alternative form of private financing in which funds and investors directly invest in companies. Both family offices and private equity firms seek to maximise returns on capital while effectively managing risk. Uplifting Aviation supports the objectives of investors in the aviation market, providing precise advisory on the risks and rewards of helicopter investments, live market analysis as well as support in the execution of acquisitions and the management of helicopter portfolios. 

With the growing impact of climate change, and the increasing frequency and magnitude of natural disasters, the demand for helicopters is set to increase over coming decades, particularly in the sectors of firefighting, search & rescue, air ambulance services and other critical missions. Our comprehensive advisory services and global network of partners can support investors aiming to benefit from the emerging opportunities in the aviation market

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Building a Portfolio

We build helicopter portfolios for investors with a view to operate, lease, trade, sell and part out. We engineer helicopter investment solutions in line with current market demands. We know precisely which helicopter models, within which market segments and regions of the world, to invest in and will co-manage the investments to ensure achievement of expected returns.

  • Helps investors to construct portfolios in line with their risk and reward objectives.
  • Enables achievement of strong financial returns with low risk exposure.
  • Provides access to Uplifting Aviation's global network of partners and suppliers.
  • Enables acquisition of helicopters at excellent value.

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Fleet Acquisition Support

We support investors in the acquisition of existing helicopter portfolios or fleets.

  • Significantly reduces capital exposure and risk.
  • Ensures purchase of the right helicopters at the right price.
  • Optimises helicopter portfolios to ensure high returns throughout the duration of the investment.

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Fleet Evaluation

We carry out a thorough assessment of the helicopter fleet's value at a given point in time, and then provide an analysis of the risks and rewards.

Acquisition Strategy

We develop a bespoke strategy for negotiation of the fleet acquisition price.


We co-execute and co-manage the purchase of the portfolio.

Helicopter Operator Acquisition

We support investors in the acquisition of helicopter operators. We have an intimate understanding of each type of helicopter operation, as well as the mindset of their owners and the industry at large. Consequently, we know how to undertake effective negotiations with operators. And with Uplifting Aviation's access to most helicopter operators worldwide, we can effectively negotiate and execute operator acquisitions as per investors' terms.

  • Supports investors in selecting suitable helicopter operators to invest in.
  • Ensures financial objectives are met throughout the life of the investment.

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