Our focus with OEMs is mainly to support their key objective of selling newer helicopter models. We do this by advising our clients when it is advantageous to invest in new helicopter models, and we also promote OEMs' new generation of helicopter models to commercial operators we work with.

Uplifting Aviation also endeavours to support OEMs in disposing of their inventory of preowned helicopters, allowing them to focus on their core business.

Helicopter Promotion

Uplifting Aviation helps promote new helicopters to OEM’s client base.

A significant portion of operators exclusively consider the purchase of preowned helicopters, even though acquisition of new helicopter models can be a better long-term investment under the right circumstances. Our financial planning expertise in aviation combined with our global client base gives us the ability to effectively promote new helicopter models to the right audiences.

  • Promote new helicopters to operators who may not have considered a new model.
  • Provides access to Uplifting Aviation's worldwide client base.
  • Adds new operators to the OEM's family, growing their fleets with the OEM helicopter range.

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Operations Assessment

We carry out an extensive assessment of their operations, contractual obligations and financial targets..

Recommendation Report

We then produce a detailed financial report presenting the relative advantages of various options, including leasing solutions, acquisition of a preowned model or buying new.


Finally, we promote the benefits of investing in new helicopters when we have confidence the client business projections support a new acquisition.

New Helicopter Models

We promote the OEM’s new helicopter models to a new operator(s). Uplifting Aviation works closely with commercial and Parapublic operators' teams worldwide to engineer precise solutions for their operational requirements.

Mission Analysis

We carry out a thorough and comprehensive mission analysis, working closely with the operator's team.

Helicopter Model Search

We narrow down a selection of models from the OEM's helicopter range that closely match our client's requirements..

Model Retrofitting

If the recommended models do not fit the precise configuration required by the operator, we facilitate and negotiate any retrofitting needed.

Helicopter Financing

If required, we can also provide suitable financial solutions for procurement of the helicopter as well as any necessary retrofitting.

Maintenance Solutions

We also ensure the client has full after-sales support from the OEMs or the approved maintenance service centres.

Manufacturer Support

We support OEMs in the maintenance, operation and disposal of their clients' preowned helicopters, particularly those from other manufacturers. A large portion of our core business is centred on the purchase, sale, trade and financing of preowned helicopters. We have a thorough understanding of the value of each helicopter model and know where active buyers are. And we can provide an accurate projection of the final sale price and lead time to sell. Additionally, our expertise in engineering helicopter transactions enables us to fast track the sale of any helicopter model across our client base and network. For OEMs that take competitors’ helicopters as trade-in, we can provide a complete solution for the maintenance and operation of the helicopter whilst it is being re-marketed.

  • Guaranteed closing of helicopter sales.
  • No trade stock inventory required.
  • Eliminates the hassle of maintaining and operating competitors' helicopter models.
  • Ensures faster disposal of competitors' helicopters, removing operation and maintenance liabilities.

Contact us to find out how we can help sell, maintain and operate your client’s preowned helicopters with the least hassle and liability.

Preowned Inventory

We support OEMs in selling their preowned inventory. We promote OEM inventory to our clients that operate a competitor helicopter model.

  • Faster inventory turnaround time.
  • Provides access to Uplifting Aviation's worldwide client base.
  • Adds new operators to the OEM's family, growing their fleets with the OEM helicopter range.

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