Aviation brokers include helicopter- aircraft and yacht specialists and charter brokers, and they all have the common objective of providing high quality, bespoke solutions for their private and commercial client base. Uplifting Aviation can bring a wealth of expertise in support of aviation brokers and their clients, with our global network of partners, suppliers and clients enabling us to source the right helicopter models at the right price.

Our end-to-end service consists of carrying out in-depth mission analysis, reporting on the most suitable helicopter models for the given mission, sourcing the preferred helicopter model, executing the purchase transaction and providing after-sales support and management services.

Off-Market Opportunities

We source off-market opportunities through our worldwide client base. Uplifting Aviation has direct access to all civilian helicopter manufacturers worldwide. We also support a global client base consisting of private and corporate owners, commercial operators, Lessors and banks with whom we maintain close working relationships. Our brokerage services focus exclusively on the purchase and sale of helicopters with excellent pedigrees.

  • Provides access to Uplifting Aviation's worldwide client base.
  • Supports brokers in finding excellent off-market options for their clients.

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Trade-In Helicopters

We source buyers for trade-in helicopters to enable brokers to provide trade-in options to their clients. We receive and support requests from helicopter buyers daily and always have solutions to facilitate the sale of helicopters.

  • Provides access to Uplifting Aviation's worldwide client base.
  • Assists brokers in fast tracking the sale of trade-in helicopters.
  • Enables the structuring of trade-in solutions for clients without significant risk of exposure.

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Helicopter Acquisitions

We engineer financial solutions for helicopter acquisitions. Uplifting Aviation works closely with banks, Lessors and aviation finance specialists worldwide. Using our global network of partners, we find and negotiate the right solutions for financing helicopter acquisitions.

  • Provides access to Uplifting Aviation's global network of partners.
  • Ensures suitable and timely financial solutions for clients' helicopter acquisitions.

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Acquisition Facilitation

We facilitate the execution of helicopter acquisitions. We are highly experienced in all aspects of helicopter purchase transactions, be it preparing the purchase agreement, undertaking technical oversight, managing the helicopter retrofitting process, handling import and export procedures and/or negotiating the best deals for the complete transaction.

  • Provides an additional layer of expertise to add certainty to complex transactions.
  • Ensures the contractual requirements of the client are met.
  • Assists buyers in avoiding pitfalls and issues that can delay or prevent successful closure of the deal.

Call us to receive expert advice to ensure the contractual requirement of your client is met.

Turnkey Solutions

We provide a turnkey solution for the selection, acquisition and management of helicopters.

  • Provides a one-stop solution for helicopter acquisition from an established, reliable, trusted and reputable broker.
  • Guaranteed to find the right helicopter matching the client's requirements.
  • Provides access to off-market helicopters.
  • Ensures selection of the right solution meeting the client's mission requirements and budget expectations.
  • Minimises involvement and time burden on the client.
  • Ease of entry into service and operation either via an existing Air Operator Certificate holder (AOC) or through the launch of client’s own AOC.

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Mission Analysis

We carry out a thorough and comprehensive mission analysis.

Helicopter Model Search

We conduct an extensive search of on- and off-market helicopters and narrow down a selection of models that closely match the client's requirements.

Total cost of ownership Assessment (TCO)

We present the client with a financial overview indicating the total cost of ownership (TCO) throughout the service life of the selected helicopters.

Helicopter Procurement

We source the helicopter models in the precise configuration required by the client.

Transaction Facilitation

We schedule and project manage the Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) and then negotiate the price, contractual terms, maintenance, modifications and cabin upgrade of the helicopters.

Operational Support (Optional)

If required, we can provide pilots and assist in setting up the air operator certificate.

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