Private and Corporate Buyers

Our key focus with private and corporate clients is to secure our customers' interests and protect their finances. We ensure our clients acquire precisely the machine they need or want, with significant savings on the final purchase price. Additionally, we facilitate and project manage the entire transaction process from A to Z.

Our services also include cost forecasting and financial planning to ensure our clients have a clear picture of the running costs of a machine throughout its ownership lifecycle. We advise our clients on the do's and don'ts of buying the right aircraft.

This ensures selection of an aircraft well-suited to the mission requirements, avoids runaway costs exceeding our clients' budget expectations, reduces acquisition costs, minimises operational costs over the helicopter's service life and reduces the stress burden and uncertainty involved in aircraft acquisition.

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Mission Analysis

We conduct an initial assessment of our client's specific objectives and mission requirements.

Recommendation Report

We produce a comprehensive report presenting the ideal helicopter fitting both the mission and our client’s budget. One of the report's key features is a benchmark between helicopter models covering performance, acquisition price, running costs, depreciation and projected future market value.

Acquisition Support

Once our client indicates their preferred helicopter model, we can execute the selection, sourcing and acquisition of the helicopter.


We procure the specific helicopter model our client is interested in.

We deal directly with owners and operators worldwide and can source off-market helicopters that precisely meet our client’s requirement. In addition, we operate the most advanced helicopters database, giving us access to most owners, operators and Lessors on a wide range of helicopters.

  • Guaranteed to find the right helicopter matching our clients' requirements.
  • Saves significant time and effort in searching for the ideal aircraft.

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Comprehensive Checks

We carry out comprehensive checks to determine the specific requirements for import and use of the helicopter within the country of operation. We pay careful attention to details pertaining to the configuration, maintenance records, modifications, retrofits and STCs of the helicopter in question, which can significantly impact the import or export transaction. We have an intimate understanding of import/export procedures across civil aviation jurisdictions worldwide, which allows us to present the right solutions or workarounds even in complex scenarios.

  • Guarantees purchase of the right serial number/machine.
  • Significantly reduces investment risks.
  • Prevents loss of substantial capital due to lack of due diligence.

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Market Value

We advise on the current market conditions and trends for helicopters based on price, year of manufacture, total flight time since new and mission equipment installed.

We deal and trade day to day on the market, which gives us in-depth market knowledge on any specific helicopter sought by our clients, whether on- or off-market. Additionally, we back this up with the most advanced market intelligence tools and databases, along with live feedback from our clients and partners working across different aircraft and helicopter platforms, market segments and regions of the world.

- Provides critical and detailed insights on the aircraft's current demand and forecasted market demand.

- Enables more strategic long-term decisions on which helicopter model to invest in and when.

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Operating Costs

We provide a clear picture of the direct operating cost for the helicopter and the specified mission.

Buying and selling helicopters and aircraft is our passion. That's why we thoroughly understand the true operating costs for any specific helicopter. We put the financial aspect of helicopter ownership at the core of our service, which allows us to precisely engineer structural savings throughout the service life of the helicopter.

- Provides accurate view of the lifetime costs of owning and operating a specific helicopter.

- Allows significant cost saving over the lifetime of the helicopter.

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