Trader- Dealer

The main mission of helicopter traders involves generating profit through the purchase and sale of pre-owned helicopters, i.e. they will buy either distressed, part exchange, or pre-owned helicopters below market value, often adding value to the asset by putting it through maintenance, adding upgrades and retrofitting cabins as well as adding a brand new livery.

Uplifting Aviation endeavours to provide traders access to the precise helicopter models, the parts and components they require, at below market value.

We also work with helicopter dealers focused on in-country distribution of new helicopter models. We access our global client base to support the achievement of their sales targets with the manufacturer(s) that they represent.

Aggressive Pricing

We find stock, trade and aggressively priced pre-owned helicopters from the following manufacturers:

Airbus Helicopters, Bell Helicopters, Leonardo-Agusta Westland, Sikorsky, MD Helicopters and Robinson Helicopters.

We maintain close working relationships with banks, aviation finance specialists, lessors, MROs, commercial and private owners as well as government agencies, allowing us to:

  • access stock throughout our global network.
  • ensure our clients' ability to source the required helicopters.

Contact us to discuss the specific helicopter models you are looking for. </

Stock Trade Acquisition

We assist traders in planning their yearly stock trade acquisition and we execute the strategies to source the helicopters that match their specific objectives.

  • Provides access to stock throughout our global network.
  • Significantly increases likelihood of finding optimal trade stock.
  • Minimises involvement and time burden on our clients.

Contact us to discuss your annual trade stock requirements.

Requirements Assessment

We carry out a detailed review to understand the trader’s specific requirement.

Helicopter Model Search

We identify and approach all owners and operators of the sought helicopter model.

Spec and Status Enquiry

We verify the specification and status of the desired helicopter.


We then carry out an evaluation and ensure that the requirements are met.

Transaction Facilitation

Finally, we coordinate the offer and project manage the inspection and acquisition of the helicopter.

Alternative Solutions

We provide alternative solutions when there’s no immediate or direct availability for new machines and/or the price is above the client’s budget.

  • Provides access to stock throughout our global network.
  • Supports dealers in finding appropriate solutions for their clients.

Contact us for a solution to fit your needs.

Mission Analysis

We carry out a detailed review to understand the dealer's specific mission parameters.


Solution Delivery

We team up with the dealer to identify and source a suitable helicopter model for the specified requirement, accessing our global network of partners.

Part-out Deals

We find helicopter part-out deals matching our clients' requirements.

We have a thorough understanding of trade values and have access to preowned helicopters that could qualify for part-out deals.

  • Supports traders in acquiring strategic trade stock.
  • Enhances our clients' profitability and growth.
  • Supports traders in meeting their clients' helicopter fleet requirements as well as their own.

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