Commercial Operators

Whether our commercial clients need to purchase a new helicopter to fulfil an upcoming contract or seek to expand their fleet capacity to better serve their customers, we recognise that time is money, and helicopter purchase transactions take on average 300 hours to complete.

We support commercial operators in numerous sectors by ensuring their required timelines are met, while allowing them to better utilise their resources and team specialists for their core business needs.

Specific Needs

Uplifting Aviation endeavours to engineer the right solutions for each client's specific needs, encompassing procurement of precise helicopter models, negotiation of lease agreements, as well as financing.

We find the right helicopter in the right configuration. If the precise configuration cannot be found, we implement a retrofit programme to meet our client’s mission requirement.

  • Guaranteed to find solutions to meet our clients' contractual requirements.
  • Ensures optimal financial returns over the duration of our client's contract.

Contact us to find out how we can help you meet your client’s contractual requirement and achieve optimal financial return over the life of your client’s contract.

Mission Analysis

We carry out a thorough and comprehensive mission analysis, working closely with the commercial operator's team.

Helicopter Model Search

We conduct an extensive search of on- and off-market helicopters and narrow down a selection of models that closely match our client's requirements.

Helicopter Model Retrofitting

If the recommended models do not fit the precise configuration required by the operator, we facilitate and negotiate any retrofitting needed.

Helicopter Financing

If required, we can also provide suitable financial solutions for procurement of the helicopter(s).

Maintenance Solutions

We also ensure our client receives full after-sales support from the OEMs and/or approved maintenance service centres.


We provide our clients access to funding for helicopter procurement, leveraging our extended network of banks, aviation finance specialists, Lessors and private investors.

  • Ensures timely delivery of financial solutions addressing our client's needs.
  • Ensures our client's ability to meet their operational requirements without compromising the mission timeline.

Contact us to discuss available financial solutions.

Financing Proposal

We contact our worldwide network of financial specialists and identify the most suitable lending options.

Financing Negotiation

We negotiate the best deal for our client's financing requirements.

Project Management

We project manage the entire transaction to ensure timely delivery of our client's needs.

Upgrading Your Fleet

We support our clients in upgrading their existing fleets, offering advanced valuation of their current assets and implementing a strategy that encompasses acquisition, financing, as well as disposal of the old fleet.

  • Provides a one-stop solution for moving to newer and more modern helicopter models.
  • Generates substantial savings throughout the duration of the fleet change programme.
  • Simplifies and streamlines the fleet upgrade process.
  • Minimises involvement and time burden on our clients' management teams.

Call us to obtain a detailed assessment.

Asset Valuation

We provide comprehensive market reports, accessing the most advanced live databases and benchmarking this data against different helicopter OEMs, models and serial numbers.

Complete Asset Review

We carry out an operational, technical and financial review of each helicopter model and serial number selected.

Fleet Upgrade Strategy

We design and implement fleet upgrade strategies incorporating our client's old fleet, be it through re-marketing or trade-in options.

Transaction Facilitation

If the best solution is to procure new helicopters, we undertake negotiations with OEMs. If it is a pre-owned model, we carry out selection, negotiation and project management of the acquisition and potential retrofit of the helicopter(s) for and on behalf of our client.

Training and Maintenance

In partnership with the operator’s engineering team, we design and implement after-sales support in the form of bespoke maintenance agreements, as well as pilots and engineers’ training. Call us so we can help you to make the best decision.

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