Helicopter Manufacturers – OEMs

Helicopter manufacturers endeavour to:

1) Support both its civilian and military fleet in operation worldwide.

2) Implement safety and product enhancements throughout the life cycle of each helicopter model the company manufactures.

3) Design, test and certify new generations of helicopters and promote the latest state of the art flying machines across all market segments, operators and regions of the world.

OEM Support

Uplifting Aviation can support OEMs with the sourcing of pre-owned helicopters to fulfil their client’s mission whilst the new ordered helicopter(s) are manufactured. We can also help the manufacturer to find additional lifting capabilities to support their clients. For those operators and buyers who have never bought a new helicopter Uplifting Aviation will also promote the OEM’s new helicopter models to a new operator.

A good alternative to buying a new helicopter is the acquisition of the same model pre-owned, which financially can be in some cases more affordable for the operator, client and or end user. Having this option might encourage the future purchase of a new model, finances permitting.

We also present the case to helicopter owners and operators to arrange either a short-term lease or a sale, according to the client's needs.


We work with the following manufacturers:

  1. Airbus Helicopters
  2. Bell Helicopters
  3. Leonardo Helicopters
  4. Sikorsky
  5. MD Helicopters
  6. Kopter
  7. Robinson Helicopters

One Stop Shop

We can source pre-owned helicopters for the OEM to fulfil its client’s mission whilst the new ordered helicopter(s) are being manufactured. We access our client base and global network of partners to identify parties operating the specific helicopter model(s) and configuration (s) sought by the OEM's client.

We provide a one-stop solution which:

- allows OEMs to ensure minimal disruption of their clients' operations during order fulfilment.

- facilitates access to off-market helicopters.

- enables OEMs to support their clients' contractual mission requirements during the helicopter manufacture and delivery process.

Call us to access off market helicopter(s). 

Additional Lifting Capabilities

We help the manufacturer to find additional lifting capabilities to support their clients.

- Provides access to off-market helicopters.

Call us to find out more about additional lifting capabilities.

Requirements Assessment

We carry out a detailed review of the required helicopter configuration and specifications.

Mission Analysis

We then review the mission profile and flight hours projected for the duration of the operation.

Supplier Search

We identify, shortlist and select the right operators or Lessors we know are able to deliver on all aspects of the mission.

Solution Design and Facilitation

Finally, we engineer a global solution encompassing delivery of the helicopter in the right configuration, provision of pilotage and maintenance support.

  • Allows minimal disruption to the OEMs' commercial engagement with their clients, allowing them to provide a more complete range of solutions.

Promotion of New Helicopter Models

We promote the OEM’s new helicopter models to new operator(s) by working closely with the commercial operator’s team. We carry out a full and comprehensive mission analysis and narrow down a selection of most suitable helicopters. We negotiate the retrofit needed and, if required we can provide the right financial solution while ensuring the client has the full after sale support from the OEMS and/or approved maintenance service centres. 

  • We help the operator to enter the OEM’s family. 

Call us to find out how we can help you enter the OEM’s family.

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