Parapublic Operators and Government Agencies

Parapublic operators and government agencies main drivers involved in the replacement, disposal and/or sale of their older generation helicopters are:

  • Change of fleet, change of capability, government agencies and Parapublic operators may shift to a different helicopter model, i.e. increased performance, payload, range, endurance and speed, larger cabin and more modern avionics.
  • Obsolescence, helicopter capabilities and performances, avionics suite plus cabin configuration and mission equipment installed may no longer meet the minimum civil and military aviation requirement. This is the case for older generation helicopters (30 years of age or more), end of life production and/or retired products from the OEM.

  • Beyond economical when direct operating cost, annual fixed cost such as maintenance and operation may become prohibitive towards the end of life of the helicopter.
  • No longer supported by the OEM, generally after 40 years of life in service and in some cases if the fleet in operation decreases below 50 helicopters worldwide, the OEM may decide to stop manufacturing parts and components and withdraw its support.

Recovery of Capital

Generally speaking, when Parapublic and government sector clients are seeking to dispose of helicopters, our focus is on ensuring timely execution of the sale and maximum recovery of their capital. Whether implementing fleet upgrades or disposing of assets that have become obsolete, prohibitively costly to operate or no longer supported by the OEM, Uplifting Aviation can facilitate these transactions for Parapublic operators to minimise their overhead while securing excellent value for their assets.

Asset Disposal Strategy

We provide an end-to-end asset disposal strategy, conducting a comprehensive valuation of the helicopter fleet including all spare parts and components, then finding the right buyer and facilitating the transaction. We have extensive knowledge of each helicopter model, and we also operate the most advanced databases in the industry. Together, these two factors give us the ability to evaluate any helicopter at any given time, and to re-market these successfully to the right buyers.

  • Guaranteed to find a buyer for our clients' helicopters.
  • Provides a one-stop solution for successful disposal of our clients' old fleets.
  • Minimises involvement and time burden on our clients' management teams.
  • Ensures our clients' transactions are in full compliance with international export regulations.

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Fleet Valuation

We provide comprehensive market reports on all helicopters and inventory, accessing the most advanced live databases and benchmarking this data against different helicopter OEMs, models and serial numbers.

Disposal Strategy

We design a disposal and re-marketing strategy around current market needs.


We promote the full range of assets being disposed of by our client -- including helicopters as well the stock of engines, modules, accessories, components, spare parts and tooling -- to our network of helicopter traders, operators, government agencies and spare parts specialists across the globe.

Transaction Facilitation

We project manage each critical aspect covering the release and the review of the purchase agreement, planning of the pre-purchase inspection, undertaking negotiations with the buyer and co-ordinating closure of the sale and export of the helicopters and any stock sold within the package.

Trade-In Solutions

We design and facilitate trade-in solutions to support our clients' future fleet needs.

  • Offers significant convenience to our clients, by enabling simultaneous disposal of old fleets and direct investment toward acquisition or lease of newer generation helicopters.
  • Facilitates quicker and smoother transition to a new fleet.
  • Ensures our clients receive excellent value for their helicopters.

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Fleet Valuation

We conduct a comprehensive valuation of our clients' helicopters and inventory, including the stock of engines, modules, accessories, components, spare parts and tooling.

Fleet Marketing

We contact our global network of partners and specialists to identify interested parties for the proposed trade.

Trade-In Negotiation

We negotiate with the end user – and buyers of the helicopters and inventory as trade-in value for newer generation helicopters, and deploy this approach to offset against the purchase price of the newer models.

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