Commercial Operators

Whether our commercial clients are looking to sell their helicopters following expiration of a contract or to release equity, we recognise that time is money, and helicopter sale transactions take on average 300 hours to complete. We support commercial operators in navigating the asset sale process successfully and in a timely manner, allowing them to better utilise their resources and team specialists for their core business needs.

Uplifting Aviation will manage the transaction from A to Z, saving you and your staff valuable time and money.

Re-Marketing and Sale

We execute the re-marketing and sale process for our client's helicopters. Helicopter re-marketing campaigns take an average of 300 hours of brokerage time from marketing to final sale. We know where the buyers are worldwide for every available helicopter model.

  • Guaranteed closing of helicopter sales and a significant time saving for our client’s management team.
  • Provides direct access to worldwide buyers and operators for our client's helicopter models.
  • Minimises involvement and time burden on our clients' management teams.

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Marketing Strategy

We engineer a bespoke marketing strategy in line with the client’s preferred outcome.

Escrow Management

Once the right buyer has been qualified and has committed to the purchase via a letter of intent, we secure the transaction via Escrow.

Transaction Facilitation

We project manage each critical aspect covering the release and the review of the purchase agreement, planning of the pre-purchase inspection, undertaking negotiations with the buyer and co-ordinating closure of the sale and export of the helicopters.


We identify suitable lessees and execute lease agreements. Our clients often prefer the option of leasing, allowing them to support their operating contract without having to come up with a very large capital expenditure to buy or finance the helicopter from the onset. We access our extended global client base and network of partners to match the helicopter model with suitable lessees, then negotiate terms of the lease over an agreed period and at an agreed hourly and or monthly rate.

  • Guaranteed to secure a high lease value for our client's assets.
  • Faster execution of a lease agreement to quickly generate income and cashflow.
  • Avoids loss of value from idle assets.

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Part-Out Strategies

We advise on and execute helicopter part-out strategies.

  • Enables our clients to dispose of unmarketable assets.
  • Ensures maximum possible value can be obtained from helicopters in low-demand situations.
  • Saves our clients substantial stress and financial burden from maintaining helicopters assets with diminishing value.
  • Faster extraction of value from fast-tracked component sales.

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Helicopters Parts Assessment

We conduct a full financial assessment of the value of the helicopter(s), its engine(s), all major components and avionics suite.

Disassembly Cost Assessment

We assess the cost to disassemble the parts and certify the components.

Helicopters Parts Marketing

We market the helicopter components through our network of traders, operators, maintenance providers and service centres. The sale of major components is fast tracked to recuperate as close as possible to the market value of the helicopter itself.

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