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Family offices and private equity firms need to review their portfolios regularly and ensure opportune timing for the sale of their assets. Uplifting Aviation supports investors owning helicopter portfolios or stakes in helicopter businesses, using our aviation expertise and global networks to perform precise live valuations of fleets and to facilitate the timely sale or lease of helicopters.

Portfolio Valuations

We provide live and accurate valuations of investors' helicopter portfolios. As we trade live on the market every day, we know exactly the value of each model and serial number at any given time. And unlike valuation specialists, each helicopter assessment we carry out is specifically structured as if we are actually selling the asset.

  • Allows Family Office and Private Equity investors to ensure optimal composition of their helicopter portfolios.
  • Ensures appropriate timing for exiting helicopter investments.
  • Supports investors in reducing risk exposure to underperforming assets.
  • Supports investors in maximising their ROI.

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We fast track the sale of investors' helicopter portfolios. We know where the buyers are worldwide for every available helicopter model.

Uplifting Aviation can engineer bespoke marketing strategies in line with investors' preferred outcomes.

  • Guaranteed to find a buyer for our clients' helicopters.
  • Ensures maximum returns from the sale of assets.
  • Assists investors in minimising risks and liabilities arising from prolonged ownership of helicopters.
  • Minimises involvement and time burden on investors' management teams.

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